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April 10, 2014 - ACLU of Arizona to challenge Phoenix’s unconstitutional manifesting prostitution law in court
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April 4, 2014 - Ongoing monitoring of SB 1070 implementation by police yields new racial profiling incident
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March 22, 2014 - Victory for Zander and other Arizona medical marijuana patients
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March 12, 2014 - NAPAWF and the NAACP of Maricopa County today appealed the dismissal of their challenge to Arizona’s discriminatory race- and sex-based abortion ban.
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Feb. 26, 2014 - SB 1062 Generated Huge Public Outcry Over Potential for Discrimination
Free Speech
Feb. 25, 2014 - The ACLU of Arizona today sent a letter to Phoenix leaders, urging them to let hunger strikers outside ICE continue protest
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Feb. 20, 2014 - The ACLU of Arizona calls on Gov. Jan Brewer to veto the unnecessary and discriminatory SB 1062, passed today by the Arizona legislature.
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Jan. 15, 2014 - Border Patrol checkpoints in southern Arizona violate the constitutional rights of border residents, ACLU of Arizona demands investigation
Immigrant Rights
Nov. 12, 2013 - In first-of-its-kind legal action, the ACLU says the South Tucson Police Department is violating constitutional rights in use of the ‘show me your papers’ law
Drug Policy
Oct. 29, 2013 - Fearing criminal prosecution, Zander Welton’s parents had to stop giving him a medical marijuana extract that was successfully treating his severe seizure disorder

Why Marriage Matters Arizona

Why Marriage Matters Arizona

Marriage matters. It matters to same-sex couples in the same ways that it matters to everyone. Couples get married because they want to make a lifetime commitment to the person they love and to protect their families.

Marriage says “we are a family” in a way that no other word does.

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Know Your Rights with Border Patrol

Border Patrol officers

In Arizona, it's important to know your constitutional rights when you encounter Border Patrol.

Download our handy two-page guide, in English or Spanish, here.


Don't Let the Torturer Play Censor
April 22, 2014
In a matter of weeks, the public could finally have access to information the CIA has been trying to keep secret for years. That is, unless the CIA decides otherwise. The summary of a Senate report documenting the CIA's use of torture is...